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"Those who deny freedom to others,
deserve it not for themselves."
- Abraham Lincoln

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To restore hope, health, and healing to the sexually exploited, while serving, equipping, and protecting those who may be exploited simply as a result of their circumstances.


What We Do

Restored to Dream is a Christian, faith-based nonprofit. We are dedicated to the rehabilitation of the sexually exploited and preemptively engage those who are statistically at-risk based on their domestic and environmental conditions.


Approximately 90% of our efforts are focused on post-rescue trauma care and the very difficult work of dealing with the effects imposed by trauma.


Our services are offered at no cost to participants and include a 4-phase Program conducted over 18 months, with an optional 5th Phase on Leadership. Program courses include Therapeutic Arts and various Life skills that are tailored to children, teens, and adults. Participant success is measured through the Arizona Self-Sufficiency Matrix, as well as additional customized assessments. We recognize the journey to healing is a long and difficult road. Therefore, throughout our Program, we assess and evaluate the progress of our participants and provide necessary support and wrap-around services, to include immediate family members.


The remaining 10% of our efforts are focused on active rescues initiated through Law Enforcement and community agencies.


Post rescue, we evaluate and determine Program readiness and the appropriate combination of services required, which may include referrals to partner and sister organizations. We strive to collaborate by recognizing the shared goals of our partners and sister organizations to restore hope, health, and healing to those we serve.


The founding members and staff of Restored to Dream collectively have over 20 years experience in the fight against Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation.


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